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Active directory database NTDS -New technology directory service

Active Directory data is stored in the Ntds.dit ESE database file. Two copies of Ntds.dit are present in separate locations on a given domain controller: %SystemRoot%\NTDS\Ntds.dit This file stores the database that is in use on the domain controller.

NTDS.DIT is directory data base
NTDS.LOG is system data base.


The ntds.dit file is the heart of Active Directory including user
accounts. Active Directory's database engine is the
Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) which is based on the Jet
database used by Exchange 5.5 and WINS. The ESE has the
capability to grow to 16 terabytes which would be large
enough for 10 million objects. Back to the real world. Only
the Jet database cans manipulate information within the AD

The Active Directory ESE database, NTDS.DIT, consists of the
following tables: 
· Schema table 
the types of objects that can be created in the Active
Directory, relationships between them, and the optional and
mandatory attributes on each type of object. This table is
fairly static and much smaller than the data table. 
· Link table 
contains linked attributes, which contain values referring
to other objects in the Active Directory. Take the Member Of
attribute on a user object. That attribute contains values
that reference groups to which the user belongs. This is
also far smaller than the data table. 
· Data table 
users, groups, application-specific data, and any other data
stored in the Active Directory. The data table can be
thought of as having rows where each row represents an
instance of an object such as a user, and columns where each
column represents an attribute in the schema such as Given
From a different perspective, Active Directory has three
types of data 
Schema information 
this partition contains the rules that define how objects
are created within a forest. The schema partition is
replicated to all domain controllers in the forest.

Configuration information 
This partition contains information about the logical
structure of Active Directory for the entire forest,
including the structure and use of domains, trees, sites,
and trust relationships within the forest. The configuration
partition is replicated to all domain controllers in the forest.

Domain information 
This partition contains complete, detailed information about
every object in the domain. The domain partition is
replicated only to the domain controllers within this domain

And its not stored in Sysvol....... in fact its stored in :

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